So You Listened to In Medias Rad, Huh?  

Thanks for tuning in!  We'd like to give you three gifts!  Is that okay?  Excellent!

1. Want to Watch Light?  

Great!  Here's a 99¢ rental, exclusively for In Medias Rad listeners!  Simply visit Light's Reelhouse page, click the "$1.99 Rent" button, and enter the code below into the "Discount Code" box.  


BONUS: Share Light 's website on Twitter and/or Facebook, tag Christopher Sakr, and you'll receive $5 off your purchase of the Mezze Bundle!  Click here for more info on the Mezze Bundle.

Don't forget to tweet the director your thoughts, @Adayofbus!  But wait—THERE'S MORE...

2. Interested in Crowdfunding?  

Considering Crowdfunding a project on Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, or another platform?  Here's a little help!

Because you listened to In Medias Rad, you get free access to one of Light's Mezze features: Crowdfunding Discussion.  In this 18 minute conversation, Sakr and producer David Pennington discuss the process of Crowdfunding, keys to a successful project, strategies, and other helpful insights.  

Just enter the password RADM3D1A to unlock the video, and enjoy!  If you're curious about more features in the Mezze Bundle, check out more clips in our video gallery!

Stream the Crowdfunding Discussion:

3. More Crowdfunding Help?  

Need a road-map?  After producing Light, Sakr has consulted on a variety of Crowdfunding projects.  Here is a copy of the document he gives clients before beginning.  It outlines the process of Kickstarting, from prep through funding and fulfillment!  Let us know if you find it helpful.  It's time and project tested, and provides an excellent blueprint of what to expect, courtesy of Light, and In Medias Rad!

Dear Listeners,

Thank you so much for listening to me on the Podcast.  I had an awesome time!  I hope you enjoy these little gifts.  Feel free to sign up for our mailing list, and if you have any further questions about Light, film production, distribution, or Crowdfunding, don't hesitate to reach out, via Twitter, or the form on this site!

Thanks for keeping Media Rad,

Chris :^)