MEZZE TEASERS: Clips from Light's Mezze Bundle

The Sound Of Light (Mezze Teaser)

In this clip from Light's Making-Of feature, The Sound Of Light, Composer Noah Simons and Producer/Director Christopher Sakr discuss the work and creative process behind Light's beautiful score.


Abou Rami's Falafel (Mezze Teaser)

Visit Saida Lebanon's legendary Falafel Abou Rami, and get a taste for the calm within the storm, as Rami and staff prepare countless falafel sandwiches at the lunch rush.  Christopher Sakr provides commentary on the experience of watching this artist at work!


Graffiti In Lebanon (Mezze Teaser)

Explore the diverse and expansive Graffiti works across Lebanon.  See small Lebanese works, and large. Stencils, and murals.  Messages, and anecdotes.  Accompanied by Director Christopher Sakr's commentary.


Teacher's Strike (Mezze Teaser)

Step right into the center of a Lebanon Teacher's Strike, and see a Middle Eastern protest like never before.  Follow Director Christopher Sakr into the one place everyone told him never to go, but he's so glad he went.  And, hear his commentary along the way.


Crowdfunding Discussion (Mezze Teaser)

Want an in-depth perspective on crowdfunding your creative project?  Sit down with Producer David Pennington and Producer/Director Christopher Sakr for a one-on-one conversation about funding Light on Kickstarter: the struggles, strategies, and essentials of crowdfunding a film.  These invaluable five minutes house a sliver of the full, nearly 20 minute Making-Of feature's insights and perspectives on the crowdfunding and Kickstarter world



A Poetic Culture (Clip)

Light's narrators Michael Layoun, Eva Bekahi, and Nour Hamieh discuss the power nested in Lebanese speech, how it has changed over time, and the beauty it spreads throughout the Lebanese culture.


Something The People Are Proud Of (Clip)

Light's narrators Michael Layoun, Eva Bekahi, and Nour Hamieh describe the distinct differences between the Lebanese of Beirut, and those living in more rural Lebanon.


A Change of Mentality (Clip)

Light's narrators Michael Layoun and Nour Hamieh discuss the current state of Lebanese pollution and environmental reform, and what it may take to save the beautiful Lebanon from smothering itself in trash.


The Fowda (Clip)

Light's narrator Nour Hamieh explains the use of the word Fowda (chaos), which the Lebanese frequently employ to explain the state of Lebanon.  She also explains the Lebanese cultural significance of the Arabic word for Light, Nour (her own name).

The Middle (Clip)

Light's narrator Eva Bekahi identifies the fading middle class of Lebanon, where once it existed and thrived.


There Is No Difference (Clip)

Light's narrators Eva Bekahi, Nour Hamieh, and Michael Layoun explore the under-explored similarities between the various religious groups in Lebanon, and how these common grounds bind the people outside of Lebanon, amidst the ongoing Lebanese diaspora.


With The Young Ones, They Are Young (Clip)

Light's narrator Eva Bekahi highlights the warmth and social adaptability of the Lebanese people, which has become their staple, not just in Lebanon, but around the world.